4 Common mistakes when choosing Software Solutions and How to avoid them

There are many mistakes when choosing software solutions for their businesses. This decision is crucial for project development and can be impactful many years later. Wrongly-fitted software can stop growth and cost a fortune to maintain. A good one will increase productivity, adapt to changing needs, and aid decision-making. Here are a few common traps that business owners can fall into:

1. Choosing a solution that does not meet all requirements. Some people make the mistake of deciding too quickly and then regret it later. If You are in a hurry, You might settle for less than what You need. That is why it is worthwhile to take time defining business needs. Remember to consider the viewpoints of as many people as You can. Different client perspectives and roles in your company can require extra functionality. One missing feature can cost a ton of time and money to add when needed. That is true for off-the-shelf solutions and specialized frameworks because they need to make assumptions about Your business. We recommend doing sufficient research for common problems like an e-mail-sending platform or a standard e-shop. For more complex requirements, a custom software solution is the best option.

2. Choosing a solution because it is cheaper. It is important to remember that quality does not come cheap. If You want something reliable, You will have to pay a little more. The lowest solution can be way more expensive due to the high cost of modifications in the future. To avoid this mistake, think about software as a long-term investment. It will not revolutionize Your business overnight. It can take months or even years to pay for itself, but it is one of the best ways to grow a business.

3. Relying on misguided recommendations. Context is the key when it comes to success. Reviews are only helpful with the correct context. If you are using online reviews to help make your decision, find recommendations from similar-sized businesses in your industry with comparable use cases. That is another reason to consider custom software solutions. Something built with your requirements in mind will fit your business perfectly.

4. Not thinking about the future. Depending on the chosen solution, Your business could commit to it for even ten years. It is extremaly essential to consider how your business needs will change in the years to come during Your software search. Otherwise, you might make the mistake of adopting software that fits your immediate needs but is not scalable. When preparing requirements, consider your business’ trajectory, including product and service development, hiring plans, and potential expansion. Explore the value of a flexible solution that can grow with your business.

The software selection process requires extensive planning and research. And still, it is hard to predict the future, especially today. That is why we recommend flexible custom solutions that can grow with your business.