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We know how high-quality solutions are crucial for any project. Many companies are held back by their software or struggle with out-of-the-box solutions. To avoid this, You need a partner who understands that High-Quality is crucial long-term. Our mission is to empower people and create a better world through Reliable, and Ethical software solutions.

Przemysław Wróbel
Elegant Coding CEO

Why Elegant Coding?

Our CTO personally oversees all our projects and stays in close contact with our clients. You can find his profile on TopTalThe best Service for Python Development according to https://www.developersforhire.com


We specialize in Python backends – APIs, Microservices, Databases, Search Algorithms, Optimizers, and Scripting. We can build web frontends suited for mobile use (PWA). We keep the highest quality because of professional disciplines (TDD and Clean Architecture), polished procedures, and focus on what we are good at.

Close Communication

To build the right thing we keep close communication with our clients. Sometimes we contact daily! We know how important it is to understand one’s needs in order to build the perfect solution. Before the first line of code, we ensure that we speak the same language. Schedule a free consultation to see for yourself!

Low Maintenance

High quality makes our solutions reliable, cheaper long term, and easy to modify. We understand that your project is growing. We’re making sure that the software is able to grow with it. Because of high automation, most maintenance work does not require human intervention.

Lean Management

We are using existing open-source libraries when possible. Our goal is to solve your problem, not code production. We do not create unnecessary documentation or spend time on meetings. Because we work in small teams we spend more time on development and less on management.

What differentiates Us

  • We use Test-Driven Development – it’s double-entry bookkeeping for software. It saves a lot of debugging time, ensures better code design, and ease of change
  • We use Clean Architecture – solutions we build are cheap to maintain, modify and understand by others
  • Because the above practice requires self-discipline, even experienced developers rarely use them. Apart from self-discipline, we have procedures and automated tools that guide us
  • We use in-house built tools, including AI powered that speed up our development even more
  • We work in small, focused teams, and avoid communication and management problems, so you don’t pay for that
  • We work fully remotely which lowers costs for us and our clients
  • We follow true Agile, not Flaccid Scrum
  • Instead of predicting the future, we keep things simple and ready for change
How much your company loses by not having custom software solutions? How much information is slipping, how many things could be automated or sped up? A good software solution is one of the best investments company can make. Check our example projects for inspiration.

Our Offer

By working with us, You will get

  • Up to 4 hours of pre-project consulting for free
  • Development paid by the hour
  • Advantages of true Agile
  • The expertise of experienced developers
  • Free off-site backups
  • Budget tracking spreadsheet
  • Monitoring and error management
  • 1 on 1 close communication over the preferred channel
  • High-Quality code that can be easily picked up
  • Low Maintenance and easy-to-modify project
  • Frequent releases (as often as every week)
  • A custom solution tailored to your needs
  • A dockerized environment that can be deployed almost anywhere
  • Support after the project’s completion
Cooperation with every client is unique, but we always start with analysis and understanding, exploring User Stories, and deciding on MVP scope. Then we plan priorities and estimate the first iteration. We design, test, and implement as we go, staying close to the client. From the start, we're optimizing maintenance to ensure a low long-term cost.

Software solutions comparison

Elegant CodingTypical Software HouseSoftware as a ServiceHiring Developers
Initial costMediumMediumLowHigh
Time to MVPMediumMediumLowHigh
Cost over timeLowMediumRisingHigh
Maintenance costLowMediumLowHigh
For typical copy-paste solution, SaaS is the best option. For simple, one-time jobs hiring a Freelancer is the way to go. If you're looking for a custom solution, you need custom software. We're the best choice for Small and Medium Businesses, or bigger companies that want professional expertise without the troubles of an in-house software team.

Example Projects

Marketing and Communication

Microservice for localization and regionalization of new clients

30% higher conversion afer 3 months from deplyment
FastAPI, Redis
Platform for aggregating and managing email-sending tools

Higher reliability and control

Manufacturing and Warehousing

Code audit and demonstration of significant speed up for crucial robot controlling code by using Python multi-processing

28% potencial speed up
Python multiprocessing
Warehouse management system with expiration dates tracking, notifications and product prioritization

Warehouse optimization
FastAPI, PostgreSQL

Delivery and Support

Speed optimization of already built listings for Django-based online shop

80% reduction of loading time
Django ORM, PostgreSQL
Payment, coupons, discounts and price variability management system for eCommerce platform

3 payment methods + discounts
Django, RabbitMQ, Celery

Monitoring and Management

Many report generation scripts for analyzing day-by-day and periodical business performance with potencial improvement areas

20+ reports generated periodicaly
Python, pandas
Fully featured eCommerce platform with BI, supporting  business from conversion and marketing to fulfillment and reclamations

Full overview of key business metrics
Django Admin, PostgreSQL, pandas










Apache Kafka








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